Solar panel cleaning in Birmingham

Professional solar panel cleaning

For most people in Birmingham, solar panels are a significant investment and a valuable asset. Dirty solar panels can affect performance by 30% which means you are potentially earning or saving less on your energy bills.


This can mean that dirty panels can result in a loss of £5,000 a year on a 40kw system or £7,500 over the lifetime of the panels. Even if your loss of income is far lower it certainly makes sense to invest in keeping your panels clean. We clean solar panels with a ladderless system so there’s no risk of damage to tiles or your lawn.

Rapid Cleaning Services can provide a solar panel cleaning service throughout Birmingham to help you maintain the efficiency of your solar panel systems. Call today for a free quotation.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Birmingham

  • Increase solar panel efficiency
  • Full coverage of the Birmingham area
  • Totally safe cleaning process
  • Regular or one off work welcome

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